Monday, 3 February 2014

"airmax aren't really running shoes..."

"...they're shopping centre give me ur wallet shoes"


im dead

Phonedump for you dickheads

Studio work started again on the weekend. There was a homeless dude on our live set who was not part of the subject matter. WHAT IS THIS BOSNIA

I signed up for the gym at work then discovered its way easier just to run around my neighbourhood every couple of days. One of my knees really hurts but I'm pretty sure thats the theory behind fitness. Hurt things then eat protein. My knee is gonna be swoll as fuck next summer. Gonna have that beach knee.

Went to a party last saturday and didnt drink anything. Only ate 1 pizza last week. Brutal regime.


Goggsy75 said...

LOL, I 'm rocking a pair of black & yellow LiveStrong Air Max's I brought back from the states. $45 USD - thank f**k Armstrong finally copped to being a druggie cheating arsehole, otherwise I might have had to pay $80USD full price. Yes, I'm a brand whore with no conscience.....

Hilton Lohan said...

as the preferred shoe of outer suburban drug dealer, i'd say Airmax PR team considers the lance armstrong story a win