Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Monday, 15 September 2014

Speak Like a Child

Sunday, 7 September 2014

real wrasslin'

I went to the studio to borrow some equipment and this shit was going on

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Belay that

Rock climbing

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Monday, 11 August 2014

Begin Agains

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Zeitgeist Gruppe

With the Vietnam trip coming up in a few months I got to thinking about cameras.

Recently (like since 2013) I haven't been reaching for my phone/camera so much for taking photos of every new place or pretty sunset I see, and I definitely haven't found myself wishing I had done so afterward.

I still love taking travel photos, but the idea of babysitting $5k and 5kg worth of magnesium and glass around south-east asia to do so seems retarded.

To that end, all I'm going to take with me is this:

My old 500D. Yes, what I now consider 'slumming it' is the same 'top notch' gear I took to Japan 6 months earlier. The difference is I'm only taking one lens. The smallest and lightest one I have, which also happens to be Prime and possibly not autofocusing very well. I'm exchanging cumbersome but versatile high performance gear for agile but challenging 'low' performance gear.

I also ordered one of those idiot waterproof bags from eBay that claim to let you operate your camera underwater. Its a $70 investment in the chance that I can super-slam my gear into the floor of Ha Long Bay without losing all of the irreplaceable memories it has captured up to that point.

Hopefully I can wring some nice shots out of this setup, but if not who cares? People managed to go on holiday and enjoy themselves before cameras were invented right?

Actually I have no idea.

Speaking of photos though, old mate neffo popped up on Gchat the other day to randomly suggest I record a directors commentary to the Genesis video me and some other confused teenagers made back in 2003.

It was a funny idea, but almost immediately replaced by another one with a broader vision and narrower production scope (ie I wouldn't have to buy a microphone).

Disregard the filename, its a misnomer.

Anyway the project is basically a huge wank and has involved trawling through hours of footage that I haven't looked at in a long time, hundreds of photos as well. Its proving to be insanely depressing. Why do I have all this shit. Normal people don't do this.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flipmode is the greatest


This. Is. The. Best. Videogame.

I haven't checked in with the Metal Gear universe since the MGS demo back on the first playstation, so all this incomprehensible military-wank-insanity is new and fresh to me.

I'm not used to rescuing wise-cracking orphans from being turned into cyborgs, I'm not used to an on screen display telling me exactly how many pieces I just cut this hatchback into, I'm not used to having a primary antagonist named "Jetstream Sam", and so on.

Feels like it would get too much after a while, but I only managed to stop playing for about 15 minutes tonight.

Felt strong as shit at the gym last night, but realised halfway through the workout I was only using a 15kg bar. I had no idea they existed and it was pretty upsetting to find out.

Managed a 5 x 100kg deadlift, which made me feel a lot better despite the urge to brutally vomit onto the mirror in front of me.

Also snuck in an extremely suspect 60kg squat as well. I've never tried for 1RM numbers before so its a PR despite being the bodyweight performance standard for an "Untrained" lifter. So basically after months of work I have clawed my way up to the level that comes before "Novice".

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


My cheap watch arrived. I also spent a lot of money on some new glasses. Thats the consumerism update.

I went gokarting at some place in Hamilton and the shit was actually amazing fun. Gokarting on a slick-floored warehouse rules, gokarting on a bitumen circuit in the blazing sun blows chunks like one of my cats, all over the carpet, every week.

Tony Abbott spun into a wall in front of me and I drifted around him waving like all your best motoring fantasies.

Today I also signed up to some of that ooh yeah Tesltra cable internet. Looking forward to my promising video-game streaming career.

I made this idiot shit.

I patted these idiot shits.

Kinda getting sick of this beard.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Vintage Snipe Action

I went to big Dinos bucks party this weekend. He and some other QGL and non-QGL bros had booked a "sub-penthouse" at Q1, which is like the attic under the roof of the gold coast. I had to drive home that night to work on some video projects so I only drank fruity stuff like UDL's. Having them brought to me by a topless barmaid somehow made them even fruitier.

Actually I don't know if I'd call this broad a barmaid. She filled a lot of roles, from waitress to hostess to shotglass holder to glass table.

After everyone except me was suitably gee'd up we ventured out into the certain death that is the Gold Coast nightlife. From a sober persepctive the first couple of hours were uneventful, other than one guy getting tossed for touching a bouncers balls, and the entire club filling up with more stunning females than I have ever seen in my life.

With things in danger of getting interesting, I left immediately with old mate Carroll and drove home, arriving at 2am, just in time to bid snipe this watch on ebay;

I've wanted to pick up a fresh watch for a while, and after 2 weeks of research I'd narrowed it down to either a fake IWC for $200+, or something genuine for a lot less. I stumbled across a few Seikos and the combo of the kanji day/date, something about jewels written on the face, leather strap on silver, salaryman vibes and sub-$100 price tag was enough for me, at least for a My First Watch.


That Sniper Elite V2 shit on Steam, for free!

Cool game. Lets you spend equal time over-the-shoulder of a hard-boiled all-american sniper hero guy, and watching Nazi heads explode in super-slow-motion. I mean you can literally shoot a dudes eyeball out, or shoot both eyeballs out if you catch him on the right angle, OR shoot a dude while hes picking up his buddy, who you also shot.

I showed Michelle and she was like "thats disgusting". What a nerd.