Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flipmode is the greatest


This. Is. The. Best. Videogame.

I haven't checked in with the Metal Gear universe since the MGS demo back on the first playstation, so all this incomprehensible military-wank-insanity is new and fresh to me.

I'm not used to rescuing wise-cracking orphans from being turned into cyborgs, I'm not used to an on screen display telling me exactly how many pieces I just cut this hatchback into, I'm not used to having a primary antagonist named "Jetstream Sam", and so on.

Feels like it would get too much after a while, but I only managed to stop playing for about 15 minutes tonight.

Felt strong as shit at the gym last night, but realised halfway through the workout I was only using a 15kg bar. I had no idea they existed and it was pretty upsetting to find out.

Managed a 5 x 100kg deadlift, which made me feel a lot better despite the urge to brutally vomit onto the mirror in front of me.

Also snuck in an extremely suspect 60kg squat as well. I've never tried for 1RM numbers before so its a PR despite being the bodyweight performance standard for an "Untrained" lifter. So basically after months of work I have clawed my way up to the level that comes before "Novice".

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


My cheap watch arrived. I also spent a lot of money on some new glasses. Thats the consumerism update.

I went gokarting at some place in Hamilton and the shit was actually amazing fun. Gokarting on a slick-floored warehouse rules, gokarting on a bitumen circuit in the blazing sun blows chunks like one of my cats, all over the carpet, every week.

Tony Abbott spun into a wall in front of me and I drifted around him waving like all your best motoring fantasies.

Today I also signed up to some of that ooh yeah Tesltra cable internet. Looking forward to my promising video-game streaming career.

I made this idiot shit.

I patted these idiot shits.

Kinda getting sick of this beard.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Vintage Snipe Action

I went to big Dinos bucks party this weekend. He and some other QGL and non-QGL bros had booked a "sub-penthouse" at Q1, which is like the attic under the roof of the gold coast. I had to drive home that night to work on some video projects so I only drank fruity stuff like UDL's. Having them brought to me by a topless barmaid somehow made them even fruitier.

Actually I don't know if I'd call this broad a barmaid. She filled a lot of roles, from waitress to hostess to shotglass holder to glass table.

After everyone except me was suitably gee'd up we ventured out into the certain death that is the Gold Coast nightlife. From a sober persepctive the first couple of hours were uneventful, other than one guy getting tossed for touching a bouncers balls, and the entire club filling up with more stunning females than I have ever seen in my life.

With things in danger of getting interesting, I left immediately with old mate Carroll and drove home, arriving at 2am, just in time to bid snipe this watch on ebay;

I've wanted to pick up a fresh watch for a while, and after 2 weeks of research I'd narrowed it down to either a fake IWC for $200+, or something genuine for a lot less. I stumbled across a few Seikos and the combo of the kanji day/date, something about jewels written on the face, leather strap on silver, salaryman vibes and sub-$100 price tag was enough for me, at least for a My First Watch.


That Sniper Elite V2 shit on Steam, for free!

Cool game. Lets you spend equal time over-the-shoulder of a hard-boiled all-american sniper hero guy, and watching Nazi heads explode in super-slow-motion. I mean you can literally shoot a dudes eyeball out, or shoot both eyeballs out if you catch him on the right angle, OR shoot a dude while hes picking up his buddy, who you also shot.

I showed Michelle and she was like "thats disgusting". What a nerd.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Babys first Wagon Wheels

Finally got a chance to lift the big boy 20kg plates outside the context of meekly putting them away for stronger men who left them lying around the gym floor.

Felt OK man.

Then I decided to film my squats and discovered my form is as wrong as it could possibly be while still keeping my feet on the ground.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

If you're going through Fjell

Last night we had the stroke of genius to start building our new bed at 10:30pm.

Construction was not complete, and therefore sleep was not possible, until 4:20am.

Never again.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ring ring! Its Godzilla

Ayo went and saw that GODZILLA.

It was pretty fun. I wish the theatre was emptier though so I could have vocalised my obnoxious movie commentary a little more, rather than whispering it to my left and right. The movie is made to be scoffed and hooted at - buy popcorn just to throw it.

I've lost another 5 kilos. "Lost" as in I have no idea where they went. I've spent the last 4 days sitting on my ass with a cold, editing video or playing Dark Souls or doing some farcical combination of both at the same time. Haven't hit the gym or the footpath at all.

Michelle and I dropped some real flow on a new mattress/bed, then heaved the old ensemble over the balcony and left it in the backyard like rednecks.

The cats are still spinning out about it.

Monday, 19 May 2014

"i didnt have a problem with leaves"

We in here talkin about practice

The idea that you have to practice a lot to develop a skill used to be frustrating.

But it can be liberating to think in terms of practice being the only thing between you and absolutely any skill in the world.

Some work dorks organised a group ride through the mountains today. I don;t really dig riding through the mountains because I'm not very good at it. But these dudes were really good at it, and by riding with them, I got better. And somewhere in the middle there was about an hour or so of real genuine fun.

I also got to ride some goofball Kawasaki dual-sport kinda thing. Had to be the most suspiciously pieced together machine on the mountain by far, but very comfortable. Like a really soft couch thats been left on the street for council pickup and could break in half under you at any second.

Tonight I ate a Pizza Hut pizza then spent 5.3k's trying not to vomit it down my shirt. Bad meals are starting to feel like bad hangovers.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The New Normal

There was a cool moon out tonight. You probably saw it too. Pretty cool right?

I would have liked the chance to take more photos of this setup but I was using a fixed focal length and the moon was rising rapidly out of frame. The moon really does seem to haul ass when you're trying to use it as a prop/back-light for your dumb motorbike.

Also tonight I ran 70% (I measured it because I'm a terminal asshole) of my usual route non-stop. I feel like by the end of the month I'll be able to do the whole thing go-to-whoah. I should have been able to do that already but I made the mistake of thinking that getting good at running a short distance would also get me good at running a long one.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Taking a trip to Snap City

On Friday night some dudes hit me up to eat fish and chips at a place called Swamp Dog. We stopped the cab for booze on the way over because the place is BYO, and dudes came back with a bottle of Smirnoff and some off-brand lemonade. Weird.

The cabbie decided he wanted fish too, and pretty much drove the Maxi into the restaurant itself when we got there. They served him extra quick.

I don't think I can really get down with Barramundi. It tastes a little bit too steak-y for a fish, although the drinks were flowing pretty freely by the time our meal came out so maybe I was just eating the cardboard.

I signed up at another gym today, my second for the year. I figure for maximum fitness, you can't be a member of too many gyms.

Under the "goals" section of the intro sheet, I ticked every box except for "lose weight". Might as well aim high. Weight-loss is happening anyway, I'm down either 4 or 7 kilos depending on where you measure from. But now I want to start gaining the gains. Chicken and oats gains. Got to eat big to get big, come on.

I'm enjoying running more now, having finally understood the difference between exercise and training.

I've also been given the chance to work on a cool project for a guy whos skills and creative output I admire. Editing work, but closer aligned to what editing means to me, rather than what it means to people who edit things for real.