Sunday, 17 May 2015

Fly Buys

Did a 42k ride on saturday morning. Nearly ran over a blue-tongue lizard on the Centenary Motorway bike path, but it stopped short of running under my wheel and stared at me with its tongue out.

It was a pretty surreal interaction at 30kph let me tell you, like a riding through a pop-up museum exhibit. It kinda went like "what the fuck is that, oh shit im going to hit it, oh its a lizard, oh its got its tongue out, its blue, thats a blue tongue lizard, they're only in Australia right? I don't think I've ever seen one, oh look now i'm home and that lizard is miles behind me".

I hit up ebay for some of that superfly secondhand cyclist apparel. The shit arrived and it looks suitably outrageous but Japanese sizing strikes again and its too small for me.

This loss has taught me nothing at all and I will continue to shop for idiot cycling gear from other countries.

Anyway, back to abusing my self-granted Unlimited Food license as I have been all weekend.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Rural Route 9

Last weekend was Dads 70th birthday and also some sort of Cyclone.

Cyclone first.

The plan was to head up to the Bunya Mountains on Friday and hang out with the family. It rained all Friday morning, then Friday afternoon it really started coming down. We managed to drive 10k's across town in the space of 3 hours, then the highway north got closed in front of us. This turned out to be really lucky, as everyone on the highway was basically stranded there until saturday morning, or until they walked home. Mum and Dads house was close by and vacant, so we sloshed over there, ordered some pizzas and stayed the night.

Next morning we didn't bother with the highway, instead drove inland to Toowoomba and headed north from there. Side note; I think trying to ride a bike up the Toowoomba highway would be an extremely cool and miserable experience. We made it to the Bunyas about lunchtime.

Staying in a big house in the Bunya Mountains with my whole family was really cool. The shit I didn't realise about the Bunyas until I drove there was that they were in the vicinity of a whole bunch of small towns and hamlets and parishes or whatever that I remember from when I was really really young. It was territory I had not been in for quite a while.

I know they say that Home is a Time not a Place but it was crazy how being in that kind of environment with all those people again brings back feelings of your childhood. And by environment I mean cold weather, red mud, firewood, possums, shoe racks outside the front door, no TV, a blue sheen of mist hanging over green trees in the distance, slippers, and countless other indefinables.

Its the most pointless and indulgent feeling to try and explain to anyone, so lets just say it was really good. We played lots of board games and my older brother let me get really stuck in to his booze supply. My nieces and nephew are all talking now and its crazy shit.

The drive home passed through the first town I remember living in, and apparently I would have driven past the driveway to my first house. Dudes were tailgating me through and I couldn't quite make out where it was which was really frustrating because I wanted to stop and check it out.

I only had two memories to cling to, a downhill right sweeping corner (which I think was outside our place) and a line of 3 trees, but the scenery was blowing by too fast for that to be useful. It was like trying to remember a really shitfaced night out, but without the secret joy at not being able to put the pieces together.

There is no point or summary to this. I am drunk. Last weekend was great.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

On This Particular Sunday

On Monday I must have had a really nice ride to work, because I emailed Dad and asked him if he'd like to ride up Mt Cootha on the weekend. I was yet to ride up Mt Anything at that point but I guess on that Monday I felt like The Man and liked the idea of the challenge.

The day after was the first really cold morning of the season, and I immediately started hoping he'd not seen the email. But, sure enough, Friday night he calls me up and says he'll pick me up Sunday morning at 5:15am.

That's how I came to be awake at 4:30am on a god damn Sunday morning chugging a protein shake and listening to foreboding winds hiss across the neighbourhood. Like really loud winds that weren't immediately distinguishable from rain. By the way, getting up really early in the morning to Do Stuff is really gnarly to me. Can't put my finger on it but the atmosphere and tiredness and cold and silence is kinda aggressively unpleasant.

Anyway shit wasn't really that bad. We stopped a couple times on the Mt Cootha ascent because Dad had mechanical trouble, then stopped for a couple of breathers. I might have been able to climb the whole thing non-stop, but at the very least I could keep pace with a guy more than twice my age?

The mountain was more steep than long, so afterwards we did a "river loop", which turned out to be more of a "Brisbane loop". Side note: I had no idea how many people ride bikes. Heaps of people, it turns out. Almost everyone we passed looked at my stupid 7-Eleven flip up cyclist cap, probably because of how cool it is/I am.

The bike went well, although I got to hear what $4k worth of carbon racebike sounds like rolling down a steep hill at huge speed and now I REALLY want $4k worth of racebike. Shit sounded like a fucking pod-racer. Brreeeeeoooouuuuwwwwwww.

On getting home I wrapped myself up in a kind of rug/blanket burrito and had a snooze for a couple hours, then woke up and ate fucking everything in sight.

This has been a good weekend.

Thursday, 2 April 2015



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vee-eht Naihm

We got home this morning. Vietnam was cool, Hong Kong was a really cool way to relax after Vietnam.

Took 1081 photos
258 made the first cut
Camera worked out great once I gave up on the lens filter

Deciding which is my favourite photo of a Vietnamese girl in a short skirt riding side saddle on the back of a scooter on her way to the club is going to be very hard, but its a job worth doing.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Monday, 15 September 2014

Speak Like a Child

Sunday, 7 September 2014

real wrasslin'

I went to the studio to borrow some equipment and this shit was going on

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Belay that

Rock climbing

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Monday, 11 August 2014

Begin Agains